Cartography Table

The act of eating and sharing food around a dining table is filled with emotion and context for all of us. Whether that be intimate dinners, diabolical Christmas lunches or sharing food with friends. 

Historically food is central to how and where we discuss ideas and engage with our immediate community. Along with food, the tools we utilise in order to have these experiences such as tables, chairs cutlery and shelter play a role in the experience itself. They might spark curiosity, be the framework of routine, create relaxation or any number of emotional responses. 

This complex relationship between experience and object was the basis for this project. Conversation data was collected from a recorded dinner party with a group of friends. The interactions between guests at the dinner were mapped directionally and given line-weight representing the number of words exchanged. This map was drawn onto the table surface with graphite pencil before being sealed with lacquer and wax. The result is a graphical record of experience that can be built on, talked about and shared.